What’s Park Universal?

Having a motto “Growth is not enough, it’s more awaiting for you” in mind park universal stepped into a field of Afis design & IT Planet in year 2014 at feet of Anand situated in heart of Gujarat with Indian nationalism. Starting with the proprietorship with the company converted itself into Pvt. Ltd by achieving its growth in the field of designing, printing & publishing and IT sectors. Achieving a great success in January 2016 it overcomes with different conceptual ideas and overtakes the work of the several companies including Art sector, Soft ample, BDM unit, work div, Electron and yummy roll.

Working in field of design, handling neon lights with new trends, developing business using business development management unit, serving the carrier prospects by fulfilling work div it achieves FOUR awards.

The Achievement of Awards includes AMUL VOLCANO where the company receives TWO awards in an honor of designing and printing in the year of 2015. Being the conceptual company different in ideas and creativity step forwarding to the next achievement for the company name CHEETAH IT SHOW in the same year 2015 it receives creativity partner’s awards. Moving toward its goal and creating fundamental ideas it receives one more award in being creativity partner of FITAG CRICKET TOURNAMENT in the year 2016. Getting four awards in starting of two years it decided to move on in Incorporation Company that started its own named PARK UNIVERSAL.

After setting it Goal “Each Management is created by System” it’s moving on in the third successful year with blessings and unity of its company.

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